Creative Play

March, 2013: Ezekiel's Wheels

In this article we introduce a game invented by Stewart James, one of the world's most prolific inventors of magic. In the column we introduce some basic cateogries for use in playing the game. The online version introduces a much richer variety of categories and items.

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April, 2013: Scamper

In this column we introduce the idea of using a checklist as tool for creativity. In particular, we look at the well known SCAMPER list created by Bob Eberle.

May, 2013: Collecting

In May we looked at the various ways of getting your ideas and inspirations recorded, the benefits, and how to pick the best system for you.

June, 2013: Word Shuffle

For June, we look at a very popular and useful tool for getting a fresh perspective on a creative problem: the random word. The online version of this game includes a much large set of random words, most of which are open to multiple interpretations.

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July, 2013: Mystery Technique

This technique is so mysterious it didn't even appear in MAGIC Magazine. Okay, okay... we took the month off. It's summer and hey, that only lasts for a few weeks in Chicago! :-)

August, 2013: WW_D?

It's back to work and we jump back in by looking at how to create a council of advisors then what to do with one now that you have one. We haven't quite finished the online version yet, so please check back.

September, 2013: Snoit P. Mussa

You get bonus points for guessing what that's about before the article comes out. The points aren't really worth anything but there you go.